Developers Making a Difference Through .NET

As developers, we get the joy of building new tools and solutions. As an added bonus, a lot of times those new products also help people in their everyday lives. Check out these two .NET developers making a difference through their lines of code….   Continue Reading

.NET Developers to Know

Our network of .NET developers reaches far and wide with a broad range of interests. We love taking time to get to know more about those helping enrich our community and making it better. Please join us in getting to know two .NET developers…   Continue Reading

Continuously Improving .NET Developers

.NET code is ever changing, along with all the powerful things we can do with it. Because of this we must always be looking for the key ways to improve ourselves. These two .NET developers are continuously finding was to improve themselves and our…   Continue Reading

NCover 5.1 Beta Program

When we originally released NCover 5 last year, we were excited to share a lot of great new features including Condition Coverage and even more ways to share coverage results across the organization. In addition, we put a lot of work into making NCover…   Continue Reading

Take Command Of Your NCover Code Coverage Projects

Although many users preference the ease and convenience of  exporting, modifying and creating code coverage projects through the NCover GUI, there may be situations when you prefer to directly manage projects from the command line or as part of a scripted process.  In these…   Continue Reading

.NET Community Movers and Shakers

We are half way through the year and we thought we would take a moment and reflect on some members of our .NET community that have helped us get to where we are today and where we are going in the future. Let’s take…   Continue Reading

Best Practices for Pre-Coverage Filters

NCover is designed to easily collect code coverage on the build server, across multiple machines and across entire development or QA teams. These deployment options, combined with NCover’s ability to collect coverage regardless of testing method, including manual and automated tests, provides the industry’s…   Continue Reading

.NET Speakers Giving Back

Part of what makes the .NET community so great is the people in it. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to develop better products. One resource we go to are some of the experts in our field. Here are two .NET…   Continue Reading