We really hate to play favorites, but certain NCover posts are popular with both .NET developers new to NCover and those looking to better understand the usage of NCover in improving overall code quality. These are some of our most referenced articles.

NCover 5.1 Beta Program

When we originally released NCover 5 last year, we were excited to share a lot of great new features including Condition Coverage and even more ways to share coverage results across the organization. In addition, we put a lot of work into making NCover…   Continue Reading

2015 Gnoso Cornhole Classic

The stage was set. Under clear skies, Saturday, May 23, 2015 was a beautiful 79 degrees with 42% humidity and a dew point of 43 degrees. In other words, ideal weather for throwing  6″ x 6″ duck canvas bags filled with exactly 2 cups…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage Explained in IL

Condition Coverage Explained in IL NCover calculates code coverage by breaking methods down into blocks of code which are contiguous groups of instructions (e.g. there are no control-flow statements that divert program control into or out of those blocks). These contiguous blocks are called…   Continue Reading

Best Practices for .NET Code Coverage

We have been covering code for over a decade. During that time, we have learned a lot from our customers on how to make the most out of implementing meaningful code coverage to teams. We thought it may help if we put together some…   Continue Reading

4 Keys To Successful Team-Based Code Coverage

More and more teams are focusing on the quality of their code. The reasons are pretty obvious. Most everyone has heard the old Benjamin Franklin adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is particularly relevant today, especially in software development….   Continue Reading

Code Coverage Metrics That Matter

The first rule of code coverage is that not all code coverage metrics are created equal.  In this webinar we discuss three key code coverage metrics that matter: branch coverage, sequence point coverage and the change-risk anti patterns score.  In addition, we cover how all three…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage And Your .NET Team

Incorporating code coverage as an integral part of your .NET development process is not as simple as evaluating code coverage tools and picking one.  Although it is critical to ensure that the code coverage solution tool you select can generate an unified coverage number across your team,…   Continue Reading

Best Practices – Code Coverage Metrics

This is part one in a four part Best Practices For .NET Code Coverage webinar series focused on using code coverage metrics to guide development efforts and improve overall code quality. We explain the importance of selecting the right combination of metrics to measure…   Continue Reading