.NET Code Coverage Metrics

The right metrics can help identify the riskiest code – resulting in more effective testing and refactoring efforts. Release risk can be reduced by ensuring new code has been adequately tested and understanding how old code was effected. NCover provides both standard and advanced code coverage metrics designed to help you maintain the highest quality code. Standard metrics include Modules, Namespaces, Methods, Documents, Executions, Types, Sequence Points and Lines of Code. Core .NET code coverage metrics include Sequence Point Coverage and Branch Point Coverage. Advanced risk management metrics include Change Risk Anti-Patterns Score, Max Complexity and Percentage Satisfactory Complexity.

Covering .NET Code With NCover Desktop

NCover Desktop is an essential tool in helping developers find where they can improve their tests, and their code, as early in the development cycle as possible. Effective tests are critical for delivering high quality code, reducing risks and maintenance costs, and increasing customer…   Continue Reading

Windows Active Directory and NCover Code Central

As teams developing in the the .NET framework, a large percentage of our customers are also using other Microsoft tools, services and applications. One of the more popular services our clients use is Windows Active Directory and we are frequently asked how NCover can…   Continue Reading

NCover 5.1 Beta Program

When we originally released NCover 5 last year, we were excited to share a lot of great new features including Condition Coverage and even more ways to share coverage results across the organization. In addition, we put a lot of work into making NCover…   Continue Reading

Take Command Of Your NCover Code Coverage Projects

Although many users preference the ease and convenience of  exporting, modifying and creating code coverage projects through the NCover GUI, there may be situations when you prefer to directly manage projects from the command line or as part of a scripted process.  In these…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries

Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries In a previous post, Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry, we discussed the role a governing organization such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration plays in providing guidance for software development companies in the medical…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage Explained in IL

Condition Coverage Explained in IL NCover calculates code coverage by breaking methods down into blocks of code which are contiguous groups of instructions (e.g. there are no control-flow statements that divert program control into or out of those blocks). These contiguous blocks are called…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage

One of the new features in the latest release of NCover is Condition Coverage. It is the result of both customer requests and our desire to provide a deeper understanding of how thoroughly code has been tested.  Condition Coverage is also great tool for…   Continue Reading

Best Practices for .NET Code Coverage

We have been covering code for over a decade. During that time, we have learned a lot from our customers on how to make the most out of implementing meaningful code coverage to teams. We thought it may help if we put together some…   Continue Reading