Quality Assurance

The most compelling QA efficiency derived from code coverage is to maintain a coverage threshold through which all builds sent to QA must satisfy. This will stop careless development efforts and redirect responsibility from the coder reviewing the project to the coder actually creating the project.

Windows Active Directory and NCover Code Central

As teams developing in the the .NET framework, a large percentage of our customers are also using other Microsoft tools, services and applications. One of the more popular services our clients use is Windows Active Directory and we are frequently asked how NCover can…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry If you develop software in a highly-regulated industry, then you are probably aware of the rules governing software validation, software testing and code coverage. In these industries, testing and validating code is not only a good business…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage with NCover and UFT / QTP

Code Coverage with NCover and UFT / QTP Automated testing is key to any productive QA team. We at NCover often work with teams using any number of test automation solutions to simplify their test processes.  One of the solutions that we encounter frequently is…   Continue Reading

Pre-Instrumentation Targets for MSBuild

Pre-Instrumentation Targets for MSBuild The flexibility of NCover pre-instrumentation has been demonstrated in two previous articles describing both the NCover Pre-Instrumentation and the Pre-Instrumentation for Continuous Integration. Pre-instrumentation for coverage collection with NCover can also be integrated directly into MSBuild projects. MSBuild targets are the…   Continue Reading

Integrating NCover Pre-Instrumentation Into Your Build Process

Pre-Instrumentation for Continuous Integration In a recent post describing NCover Pre-Instrumentation, we introduced you to coverage collection without an in-memory profiler. The specific use cases and advantages are well-detailed in that post. Now that this tool is in the arsenal, the next question we’ll…   Continue Reading

Coverage with Multiple Test Assemblies

With NCover it’s easy to get coverage results for a single test assembly, but in some cases you may have multiple test assemblies related to a single component. In most cases, you would simply run each set of tests and merge the results into…   Continue Reading

Best Practices for .NET Code Coverage

We have been covering code for over a decade. During that time, we have learned a lot from our customers on how to make the most out of implementing meaningful code coverage to teams. We thought it may help if we put together some…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage – The Peace Maker?

In business we find ourselves interacting with people from different departments and with varying goals and input on a particular project. Sometimes all of these people and objectives align perfectly and everything works smoothly with your project on time and under budget. However, other…   Continue Reading