The NCover interface has been designed to give you useful information and statistics at every level of your project. Each page gives you data that can be interacted with and acted upon. Rather than simply providing static reports that are out of date as soon as a new build is available, NCover gives you the ability to explore and dive deep into your code base.

Windows Active Directory and NCover Code Central

As teams developing in the the .NET framework, a large percentage of our customers are also using other Microsoft tools, services and applications. One of the more popular services our clients use is Windows Active Directory and we are frequently asked how NCover can…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry If you develop software in a highly-regulated industry, then you are probably aware of the rules governing software validation, software testing and code coverage. In these industries, testing and validating code is not only a good business…   Continue Reading

Sharing Code Coverage Results With NCover Code Central

One of the keys to successful team-based code coverage, is making sure that code coverage results are transparent and actively shared across the entire team. Organizations that share results team-wide are able to encourage rapid feedback and are generally more effective in guiding the future allocation of resources…   Continue Reading

Coverage with Multiple Test Assemblies

With NCover it’s easy to get coverage results for a single test assembly, but in some cases you may have multiple test assemblies related to a single component. In most cases, you would simply run each set of tests and merge the results into…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage – The Peace Maker?

In business we find ourselves interacting with people from different departments and with varying goals and input on a particular project. Sometimes all of these people and objectives align perfectly and everything works smoothly with your project on time and under budget. However, other…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage: Myth vs Reality

Through our work with developers and development teams over the years, we have found that there are certain myths about code coverage that still exist today. In an effort to ensure that your development and QA teams are all working towards the same goal,…   Continue Reading

4 Keys To Successful Team-Based Code Coverage

More and more teams are focusing on the quality of their code. The reasons are pretty obvious. Most everyone has heard the old Benjamin Franklin adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is particularly relevant today, especially in software development….   Continue Reading

The Perfect Code Coverage Score

You manage what you measure – but what if you are looking at the wrong thing? The metrics we define influence our process and end result. For example, trying to gauge your speed by the sound of your radio would lead to noise dampening…   Continue Reading