NCover Collector, when connected to Code Central, allows QA teams to quickly and effortlessly collect code coverage and provide feedback to managers and team leads. By integrating NCover into the quality assurance process, development and QA can work together to improve overall code health.

Getting Started with .NET Code Coverage

We live and breathe code coverage and the pursuit of building quality code. Since we have been doing it for years, we forget that each and every day new people discover and are getting started with .NET code coverage. With that in mind, we…   Continue Reading

Resource Article on Covering Your Build Server

Development teams are often interested in collecting code coverage on their build servers. With NCover and Code Central, you can easily monitor any number of build servers and test machines and collect coverage data.  Covering your build server is a key component of an…   Continue Reading

NCover December Code Coverage Updates

It’s been a very busy December here at NCover and we wanted to take a moment to update you on a few items. NCover 4.5 Code Coverage Updates We have released two additional updates to NCover this month, so please be sure to auto-update…   Continue Reading

.NET Code Coverage For The Team

From a technical perspective, NCover is dedicated to providing .NET developers with outstanding solutions for ensuring that their code is reliable, predictable and of the highest possible quality.  Well-written and well-tested code is core to our mantra and we believe our solutions both provide…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.5 10x Faster, Smaller Database, Supports Visual Studio 2013

NCover 4.5 provides users a significant step forward in overall application speed, a reduction in NCover data store requirements and support for Visual Studio 2013.  This release improves the overall experience of collecting .NET code coverage with NCover and provides teams and individuals working…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.3: Scalability & Performance

Today NCover 4.3 has been released to general availability.  The improvements in this release are in direct response to the vision and growth we’ve encouraged our teams to pursue since we launched version 4 last summer: “Cover it all!  Unit tests, integration tests, manual…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.2: Improvements for Speed and Scalability

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the NCover team has released the latest update to the revolutionary NCover 4 platform. NCover version 4.2 is the latest installment of an already groundbreaking suite of code coverage tools for .NET. The improvements for this version are…   Continue Reading

NCover Collector Merge and Sync Control

NCover Collector and Code Central provide a robust framework for collecting code coverage in testing and quality assurance environments.  These tools make it easier to collect coverage unattended with and provide collection configuration.  Using Code Central as the administrative hub, projects for code collection are…   Continue Reading