.NET Code Coverage For The Team

From a technical perspective, NCover is dedicated to providing .NET developers with outstanding solutions for ensuring that their code is reliable, predictable and of the highest possible quality.  Well-written and well-tested code is core to our mantra and we believe our solutions both provide a great insight into overall code quality and also allow individuals and teams to quickly isolate and focus on the most critical areas of their applications.


From a business perspective, this translates into helping our customers delight their end users with software and hardware solutions that are shipped on-time and on-budget.  Every day we work with companies whose business depends in part on the success of the applications they develope.  Since the release of version 4.5, and its expanded capability for handling larger teams and a varying range of deployments, we have seen a tremendous response from both new and existing customers who have integrated code coverage into their core recipe for success.

In an effort to share the methodology and approach of code coverage and how NCover can help teams that develop in .NET, we have put together a brief overview of our approach to team-based code coverage.  We invite you to download a copy of Code Coverage For The Team: Why The World’s Leading .NET Development Teams Rely on Code Coverage and What It Means To Your Team.

We hope you find this useful as a starting point whether you are new to code coverage or exploring how to take code coverage from being a “tool” to an approach that is integral to the overall success of your applications and your business.  As always, we invite you to explore NCover free-of-charge or have one of our technical resources speak with you about your goals, your process and how we may be able to help.


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