Internet Information Services is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with Windows NT family. IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP.

Covering .NET Code With NCover Desktop

NCover Desktop is an essential tool in helping developers find where they can improve their tests, and their code, as early in the development cycle as possible. Effective tests are critical for delivering high quality code, reducing risks and maintenance costs, and increasing customer…   Continue Reading

Collecting Coverage from the Command Line for IIS

Collecting Coverage from the Command Line for IIS We recently hosted a webinar covering the basic steps for profiling IIS and web applications using NCover.  The session was very well attended and one question that was raised repeatedly by attendees was: “How can I…   Continue Reading

Getting Started with .NET Code Coverage

We live and breathe code coverage and the pursuit of building quality code. Since we have been doing it for years, we forget that each and every day new people discover and are getting started with .NET code coverage. With that in mind, we…   Continue Reading

Resource Article on Covering Your Build Server

Development teams are often interested in collecting code coverage on their build servers. With NCover and Code Central, you can easily monitor any number of build servers and test machines and collect coverage data.  Covering your build server is a key component of an…   Continue Reading

Resource Article on Covering IIS and Web Apps

Collecting code coverage on your web apps is crucial as part of both the development and QA process for any .NET team.  NCover’s approach for collecting code coverage allows you to perform both automated and manual tests and aggregate that collection regardless of how…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Creating A New NCover Code Coverage Project

Every day our own development team works hard to make NCover both powerful enough to handle all of your .NET code coverage scenarios and easy enough to get started on your code coverage project quickly. How quickly can you get started? Well, we put…   Continue Reading

Covering IIS

Covering IIS in NCover 4 is fundamentally the same as profiling any other .NET process, but because of the way IIS runs, profiling this service presents some special challenges. 1. Project Settings Finding the right process to profile is the key to successful coverage….   Continue Reading

NCover 4 is here!

  Today we’re announcing that NCover 4 is available for everyone! We’ve made a lot of changes and upgrades to the NCover toolset, but there are a few themes to this release that we’d like to highlight. NCover 4 is Easier to Set Up…   Continue Reading