.NET Speakers to Hear

Listening to experts in our field is one of many ways we can learn and help improve the applications we build as members of the .NET community. We think you should make it a point to hear these two .NET speakers if you get the chance.

ncover_mvp_caleb_jenkins_twitterCaleb Jenkins

Caleb Jenkins is an International Speaker, Author and Senior Manager at Avaya – leading development teams in North America, Ireland and India. He has led teams of people for the last 15 years, and recently managed the UX product design team at Sabre GetThere, co-chaired Sabre’s Employee Innovation Council #BringIt, and was a Principal Agile Coach for Sabre Airline Solutions working with international development teams around the globe.

Longtime community leader, 6 time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award, and former Microsoft Developer Evangelist – working with some of the largest organizations in the region, Caleb is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Certified Trainer and .NET architect. Caleb has helped to design and implement enterprise .NET Solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.

Caleb lives in the Dallas area with his wife and their four children. Follow him on Twitter @calebjenkins or at his blog.

ncover_mvp_niraj_bhatt_twitterNiraj Bhatt

Niraj Bhatt works as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company with an innate passion for building and studying software systems. He is a top rated speaker at various technical forums including Tech Ed, MCT Summit, Great Indian Developer Summit, Tech Days, Virtual Tech Days, etc.

He enjoys working on IT innovations that impact enterprise’s bottom line, integration and architecture of systems, performance tuning, & review of enterprise applications with a specialized focused on enhancing team’s productivity.

When he’s away from his laptop, you will find Niraj enjoying automobiles, pottery, rafting, photography, cooking & financial statements though not necessarily in that order. See what he’s up to now on his blog and on Twitter @nirajrules.


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