NCover Collector, when connected to Code Central, allows QA teams to quickly and effortlessly collect code coverage and provide feedback to managers and team leads. By integrating NCover into the quality assurance process, development and QA can work together to improve overall code health.

Build Agent Unattended Deployment of NCover 4

Build server automation tools for continuous integration (CI) are plenteous. Teams bounce from one to another based on pricing and features, and would grab a new brass ring each time they rebuild their CI server if they could. It’s the nature of the beast….   Continue Reading

Using NCover Floating Licenses

Over the years, we’ve had many requests for floating licenses from our customers. Some have clusters of build servers that build and test code centrally. Others have fleets of virtual machines that are prepared to run various scripted integration tests. At times, in order…   Continue Reading

Code Central 4.1 – Upgrade

Code Central has been a huge help in distributing coverage numbers throughout the enterprise; a welcome change to shipping around xml data and reports for most customers.  The one issue that has hindered Code Central out of the box is the complication of requiring…   Continue Reading

Coverage Comes to Manual QA

For some time we’ve been increasingly interested in providing coverage data from manual testing back into the development cycle of our software.  Until now it’s been a bit tedious to teach users and even QA engineers to use the old-style NCover 3 command lines…   Continue Reading

Code Central – A New Way To Collaborate

NCover 4 has tipped the scale in favor of testing transparency.  How many of us can unequivocally say we know which lines of code are tested by automated tests and how much that overlaps with manual testing?  Worse yet, where are the gaps?  Most development teams…   Continue Reading

Top 10 Facts About NCover 4!

#10 NCover 4 has 3x the flexibility — Desktop, Code Central and Collector. NCover 4 has been designed around where you use it, so you no longer have to force one standard code coverage tool into many usage scenarios. Desktop is built to make…   Continue Reading

Refreshing Change

NCover 4 (NC4) is making life easier with automatic updates.  With the release of NC4, NCover has turned over a new leaf in the planned development cycle.  The world of agile development has been upon us for years, but the infrastructure to pull off…   Continue Reading