We really hate to play favorites, but certain NCover posts are popular with both .NET developers new to NCover and those looking to better understand the usage of NCover in improving overall code quality. These are some of our most referenced articles.

.NET Code Coverage Metrics Review

The month of May has really been about answering the question “how do you know if your code is good?”  It’s a question that we at NCover, and every development team around the world, asks themselves on a daily basis.  We have dedicated May…   Continue Reading

Change Risk Anti-Patterns & Code Complexity

The change risk anti-patterns metric is a measure of the “risk” associated with your code. Understanding change risk anti-patterns and the the correlation between code complexity and code coverage is crucial for development teams who want to maintain the overall health and quality of their…   Continue Reading

Branch Coverage

Branch coverage is one of the key code coverage metrics NCover provides to help development teams determine the overall health and quality of their code base.  Branch coverage builds upon sequence-point coverage, NCover’s base code coverage metric for calculating code coverage statistics. Branch coverage  is an…   Continue Reading

Sequence-Point Coverage

When it comes to measuring the overall quality of your code, there are a variety of code coverage metrics you can use. Typically, each metric will follow a particular methodology for breaking code down into sections and then reporting on which of those sections were tested….   Continue Reading

.NET Code Coverage For Microsoft MVPs

Great applications are written by great developers and at NCover we support our .NET Microsoft MVPs and their .NET code coverage efforts. All active MVPs are eligible for a free not-for-retail NCover Desktop license.  If you are .NET Microsoft MVP, you can request your…   Continue Reading

Share Your “Dash”, Win Some Cash – #NCoverDash

Over the past several months, many of our customers have shared amazing stories and use cases for how code coverage and NCover fit into their efforts to deliver amazing .NET applications.  We think NCover is great (of course, we are a little biased), but…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Code Coverage Visualization with NCover Bolt

NCover Bolt saves you time and effort by providing you with both a test runner and code coverage visualization software all within the same window. Bolt runs as a multi-platform test runner with the ability to work in multiple frameworks simultaneously. With its versatility and…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Running Tests with NCover Bolt Test Runner

NCover has recently released a new test runner named Bolt.  This video will walk you through the various ways to run tests and gives you a quick tour of the interface.  Bolt supports running tests from multiple frameworks and will allow you  to view…   Continue Reading