We really hate to play favorites, but certain NCover posts are popular with both .NET developers new to NCover and those looking to better understand the usage of NCover in improving overall code quality. These are some of our most referenced articles.

Merge Coverage for Rebuilt Assemblies

NCover 4 was designed to eliminate dubious coverage merging from differing builds of software assemblies.  There are, however, legitimate cases when assemblies can have differing binary contents, but are actually created from the same source code.  Indeed, the binary output of any given build…   Continue Reading

Isolating NCover code coverage collection within a command session

With the version 4 release, NCover now monitors programs for coverage rather than making the user jump through hoops to launch their program in just the right way to get coverage. For simple testing, the difference is probably not very noticeable, but for software…   Continue Reading

Command Line Merge for Code Coverage

.Net code coverage is most meaningful when it gives my team a full view of which portions of our code have been tested. While test runners and ad hoc coverage tools certainly help our developers refine testing and target methods within their .net apps,…   Continue Reading

The NCover Coverage Summary Report

NCover 4 ushered in the live coverage query views and web interface for data analysis.  The full intent was to go paperless, as it were, in the electronic sense.  Not generating static files means that data doesn’t get stale and coverage reports don’t get…   Continue Reading

Covering IIS

Covering IIS in NCover 4 is fundamentally the same as profiling any other .NET process, but because of the way IIS runs, profiling this service presents some special challenges. 1. Project Settings Finding the right process to profile is the key to successful coverage….   Continue Reading

Code Central – A New Way To Collaborate

NCover 4 has tipped the scale in favor of testing transparency.  How many of us can unequivocally say we know which lines of code are tested by automated tests and how much that overlaps with manual testing?  Worse yet, where are the gaps?  Most development teams…   Continue Reading

Easier Coverage of MSTest projects in Visual Studio 2010

We’re going to start posting tips and tricks to our blog. This is one of the first ones that we’re posting. Please let us know if there are things you’d like to see us cover in this series. Problem: I created a project to…   Continue Reading

Refreshing Change

NCover 4 (NC4) is making life easier with automatic updates.  With the release of NC4, NCover has turned over a new leaf in the planned development cycle.  The world of agile development has been upon us for years, but the infrastructure to pull off…   Continue Reading