Developers Making a Difference Through .NET

As developers, we get the joy of building new tools and solutions. As an added bonus, a lot of times those new products also help people in their everyday lives. Check out these two .NET developers making a difference through their lines of code.

Steve Fenton

ncover_mvps_steve_fentonSteve Fenton is an author, programmer, architect, development manager, and advocate of a human-centric workplace. He likes to help companies create software that makes a difference. Steve has enjoyed working on projects for zero-day threat detection to protect people from malicious files, healthcare decision support software to help medical professionals deliver consistently high-quality care to patients, and contact center software intended to improve the customer experience and improve working conditions for call handlers.

Steve has written books on software test automation, software development methods, and the TypeScript programming language. He enjoys combining his interests in programming, the entire software development pipeline, and psychology.

Check out Steve’s latest blog or follow him on twitter @steve_fenton.

Thiago Temple

ncover_mvps_thiago_templeA native Brazilian, Thiago Temple took interest in technology at an early age, starting with Lotus 123 and WordStar DOS. He has become an accomplished Software Developer Engineer (MCPD Web .NET 4.0 certified) specializing in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with experience in the full life cycle of the software development process, using agile methodologies and techniques such as TDD.

Thiago has worked as a developer and consultant in a variety of settings and is now based in Quebec as a programmer analyst for Emergensys. When he’s not developing, you can find Thiago listening to music, reading, practicing his amateur cooking skills, or playing with his greyhounds.

See what Thiago is working on at his blog or on twitter @vintem12.