.NET Developers to Know

Our network of .NET developers reaches far and wide with a broad range of interests. We love taking time to get to know more about those helping enrich our community and making it better. Please join us in getting to know two .NET developers making great strides for us all.

Frank Mao

ncover_mvps_frank_maoFrank Mao wrote his first commercial program in the late 90s on Turbo Basic. He doesn’t really care which language he’s using – PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, PowerBuilder, etc. – he just can’t code without testing. And what’s testing without code coverage?

With over 20 years of experience in tech, Frank has spent the majority of his time as a software developer and systems analyst. Currently, he is consulting and freelancing with Mazoic Technologies building iOS and Android mobile apps, with primary focus on geo-location based map apps, barcode scanner business apps, blue tooth communication based apps and other CMS front-end apps.

Read about Frank’s latest projects on his blog or on twitter @_frankMao.

Peter Ravnholt

ncover_mvps_peter_ravnholtTwo decades in the industry has taught Peter Ravnholt that using common methods and practices mixed in with a little flexibility delivers a robust yet simple result. Working primarily on the .NET platform, his contributions have included creating software prototypes, architecting and visualizing new concepts, ideas and products.

As an experienced software architect, developer, and team lead, Peter likes to focus on keeping the customer happy and the team growing. When he’s not coding, you can find Peter listening to and playing music, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee.

Follow Peter’s latest projects on his blog and on twitter @ravnholtp.