.NET Community Salute

We know that the coding community is a pretty great one and we are privileged to get to work with .NET developers each and every day to make better applications through coverage. We wanted to take a moment to salute two great members of…   Continue Reading

.NET Project Inspirations

When we are not coding for our work, we often find ourselves coding on special passion projects. Let these two .NET developers help inspire you to do more on both! Gianni Rosa Gallina On his fourth birthday, Gianni received his first computer, an Olivetti…   Continue Reading

MVP Community Contributors

One of the many great resources we have as members of the technology community is the Microsoft MVP network of community contributors. They may not directly be associated with our field but their knowledge can help inspire and guide our own projects. Today we…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers – Old and New

From veterans to newbies, we can always learn something we did not know before from fellow .NET developers. Check on these two sides of the spectrum and see if you pick up a thing or two. Ahmad Masykur Based in Jakarta, Ahmad Masykur is…   Continue Reading

.NET All-Stars

We .NET developers have been around for a long time in the tech world. We stay plugged in with the new languages that pop up but always return to our original love – .NET. We wanted to take a moment and say thank you…   Continue Reading

.NET User Group Leaders

We talk about our .NET community all the time over here at NCover. Part of what makes our network so great are all the excellent .NET user groups out there that continue to push us and teach us all that the language can do….   Continue Reading

.NET Microsoft MVPs

MVPs help better and showcase just how powerful our .NET community can be. Today we wanted to celebrate two long-term members of the MVP community. Thank you for all your contributions. Agus Kurniawan Recognized as a C# MVP since 2004, Agus Kurniawan spends his…   Continue Reading

Profiling IIS and Collecting Code Coverage on .NET Web Apps

Profiling IIS and collecting coverage on .NET web apps continues to be a popular topic for both existing customers and organizations new to NCover.  If you or your team are interested in profiling IIS, here are a few resources we have available this month that you…   Continue Reading