.NET Developers – Old and New

From veterans to newbies, we can always learn something we did not know before from fellow .NET developers. Check on these two sides of the spectrum and see if you pick up a thing or two.

Ahmad Masykur

ncover_mvp_ahmad_masykur_twitterBased in Jakarta, Ahmad Masykur is a Software Architecture Engineer at Epson Indonesia. In his role, he provides support to all software engineering processes, designing short and long term objectives for all applications and coordinating with departments to provide efficient support to all end users.

Ahmad started programming in BASIC as a hobby in junior high. He learned from an early age how quickly technology changes. Now as a seven-time MVP, he is glad to be able to share his knowledge in the community and help others learn the ropes. Keep up with the latest innovation from Ahmad’s desk on his blog or by following him on Twitter @cahnom.

Adam Ralph

ncover_mvp_adam_ralph_twitterA newly minted MVP, Adam Ralph is a software developer working for Particular Software, taking special interest in distributed systems, DDD, CQRS and event sourcing. In the rest of the open source world, he is a core member of scriptcs, FakeItEasy, xBehave.net, ConfigR and others. Adam has also contributed to Nancy, NuGet, JabbR, AutoFac, to name a few. In November 2014, Adam was proud to be the first community member to have a pull request accepted for the .NET core framework.

When he’s not developing, you can find Adam blogging, speaking, and contributing to the community. Follow his latest updates on Twitter @ADAMRALPH