MVP Community Contributors

One of the many great resources we have as members of the technology community is the Microsoft MVP network of community contributors. They may not directly be associated with our field but their knowledge can help inspire and guide our own projects. Today we want to celebrate these two Microsoft MVP community contributors:

Vincent Guigui

ncover_mvp_vincent_guiguiFrench Kinect for Windows MVP Vincent Guigui has immersed himself in the Kinect development and natural and immersive interfaces world. He loves working with Microsoft, and the opportunity to interact with product teams is a real asset to developing his deep knowledge. He said, “Being able to speak directly with the Kinect team is an incredible opportunity; it makes my job even more exciting.”

Vincent’s favorite technology tip is to remember that the user’s interaction must be natural – so much so that the user forgets the devices. He says, “Combining various sensors and devices grant the user experience to jump out of the limited frame of display and turn it into immersive experience by creating a new paradigm of human computer interactions.”

Catch up with Vincent’s latest project on his blog and on Twitter @VincentGuigui.

Vlad Catrinescu

ncover_mvp_vlad_catrinescuWhile he wasn’t “aiming” to become an MVP, Vlad Catrinescu’s contributions to the SharePoint community brought him attention from Microsoft. Now that he’s joined the ranks of the MVP community, he’s immediately seen the benefits. “Now it’s easier to get more resources to help out in community.” Vlad’s reach out in the community is tremendous. He’s co-founder of the community site, which boasts nearly 7,000 members and around 275,000 annual visits. His personal blog, attracts more than 133,000 annual visitors.

Vlad is a SharePoint Consultant with more than 5 years in IT specializing in analyzing and deploying SharePoint Infrastructure. He also specializes in designing and implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery SharePoint solutions, hybrid scenarios between SharePoint and Office365, and deployment automation using Microsoft TFS. Vlad is currently working as a President and Senior Consultant at his own company: vNext Solutions and is always looking to hear about your upcoming SharePoint or Hybrid projects.

Connect with Vlad on his blog and on Twitter @vladcatrinescu.