NCover Desktop is an essential tool in helping developers find where they can improve their tests, and their code, as early in the development cycle as possible. Effective tests are critical for delivering high quality code, reducing risks and maintenance costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

NCover 4.5 10x Faster, Smaller Database, Supports Visual Studio 2013

NCover 4.5 provides users a significant step forward in overall application speed, a reduction in NCover data store requirements and support for Visual Studio 2013.  This release improves the overall experience of collecting .NET code coverage with NCover and provides teams and individuals working…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Adding and Modifying Covered Processes

The collection of code coverage and the presentation and interpretation of its results is a dynamic process. The ability to quickly add and modify covered processes is crucial in an agile development environment. Project Settings in NCover Code Central and Desktop make the process…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Managing Code Coverage Threshold Levels With NCover

Great code is the ultimate goal for every programmer. Having code that functions properly makes everyone, including your own clients, happy. Code coverage threshold levels within NCover Code Central and Desktop allow you to set customizable threshold levels to determine whether your code is…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Merging And Consolidating To Join Multiple Executions with NCover

WIth NCover, you can collect code coverage across multiple machines, multiple users and multiple executions.  Aggregating all of this data is part of what makes NCover so effective in improving overall .NET code quality.  It can also create a lot of data.  By merging…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Including And Excluding Profiled Code With NCover Pre-Coverage Filters

When your clients use your applications, you want them to bask in all of its code-glory.  However, when you are developing and testing your applications, particularly if they have become as epic in size as they have in ambition, you may want to isolate…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Creating A New NCover Code Coverage Project

Every day our own development team works hard to make NCover both powerful enough to handle all of your .NET code coverage scenarios and easy enough to get started on your code coverage project quickly. How quickly can you get started? Well, we put…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.3: Scalability & Performance

Today NCover 4.3 has been released to general availability.  The improvements in this release are in direct response to the vision and growth we’ve encouraged our teams to pursue since we launched version 4 last summer: “Cover it all!  Unit tests, integration tests, manual…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.2: Improvements for Speed and Scalability

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the NCover team has released the latest update to the revolutionary NCover 4 platform. NCover version 4.2 is the latest installment of an already groundbreaking suite of code coverage tools for .NET. The improvements for this version are…   Continue Reading