Video Tutorial on Including And Excluding Profiled Code With NCover Pre-Coverage Filters

NCover-Pre-Coverage-FiltersWhen your clients use your applications, you want them to bask in all of its code-glory.  However, when you are developing and testing your applications, particularly if they have become as epic in size as they have in ambition, you may want to isolate the portions of code or parts of your project that you focus on.  This is where NCover’s pre-coverage filters can help with both including and excluding profiled code.

Through the use of pre-coverage filters, NCover provides the ability to narrow the scope of what you profile by either including or excluding certain components of your project. There are many scenarios where you may apply different filters but the fundamental usage is an include or an exclude rule, a designation by type, a condition and a criteria value.

You can also learn more about pre-coverage filters at  May all of your code be pre-filtered!