At NCover, .NET code coverage is what we do. Our team is dedicated to helping .NET developers around the world make their C# code sharp and their .NET applications rock solid. Every day we work to ensure that fellow coders have the best code coverage solution possible to deliver the highest quality software solutions.

Bullseye Paper On Code Coverage

There’s a great paper over on the Bullseye website about code coverage analysis. It reviews basic theory behind code coverage, different code coverage metrics, and code coverage best practices. I highly recommend looking it over. Code Coverage Analysis Paper at Bullseye

NCover Basics: Improving Json.NET’s Test Suite with NUnit and NCoverExplorer

Over each of the next several weeks we will be releasing an about the basics of using NCover to analyze code quality. We

New HTML Report Examples

Today we updated the site to include some examples of our HTML reports. We included reports for the great Lucene.NET, log4net, and Json.NET libraries. Example HTML Reports.

NCover 2.0.3 Released Today

(Don’t read this boring post: go get NCover 2.0.3) Ever since the release of NCover 2.0.2 in October, we’ve been working hard (or is that hardly working?) to get NCover 2.0.3 finalized and released. But it wasn’t the only project we worked on. Between…   Continue Reading

Website Updates

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working on quite a few site updates, and this morning they went live. Most of the changes were just small tweaks here and there, but we have rolled out brand new forum software and the ability…   Continue Reading

Hire a Build Server Today

Coding Horror has a post titled, “The F5 Key Is Not a Build Process.” It references a series of emails chronicled by HackNot as a new employee gets up to speed on a company’s build “process.” Anyone who has been a developer for a…   Continue Reading

Quality Code…Specification or Testing?

Modern programming environments have come a long way, with powerful development libraries, rapid development frameworks and fancy new language features. But I think the biggest advance in the past ten years has been the widespread adoption of automated testing. In my opinion, there are…   Continue Reading

TypeMock Announces Support for NCover 2.0

I’m a little late on this announcement, but last week Eli Lopian announced that the newest version of TypeMock (version 4.1) now supports NCover 2.0. If you haven’t tried out TypeMock yet, you should try it out. TypeMock is a powerful type replacement framework…   Continue Reading