At NCover, .NET code coverage is what we do. Our team is dedicated to helping .NET developers around the world make their C# code sharp and their .NET applications rock solid. Every day we work to ensure that fellow coders have the best code coverage solution possible to deliver the highest quality software solutions.

Integrating NCover with TeamCity

There’s a great blog post over on Laurent KempĂ©’s website that outlines how he is integrating NCover into his TeamCity builds. We’ve been hearing good things about TeamCity, and it’s impressive to see how easy it is to integrate NCover into TeamCity builds. Read…   Continue Reading

Collecting Coverage on ASP.NET Applications

One topic we frequently receive support requests for is usage of the //iis flag for collecting coverage information under IIS with NCover. We just published a new article that describes exactly how to use the //iis flag and how to use Selenium to run…   Continue Reading

Quick Tip: Failing Your Builds Based On Coverage Data

In this week’s Quick Tip, we walk you through how to get your builds to fail when a certain coverage threshold has not been met with the help of NCoverExplorer.Console. Watch the Video

Announcing NCover 2.0.4

For the past two months, the team at Gnoso has continued to work on new NCover features while supporting our existing users. We uncovered and fixed several problems with branch coverage and some insidious bugs during those support requests, and we are now making…   Continue Reading

NCover Basics: Creating a Good Support Ticket

Today we added an article to our “How To” section covering what to include in an NCover bug report. Read “Creating a Good Support Ticket”

New Marketing Campaign

Up until recently, we’ve only marketed NCover through word of mouth and our relationship with our users. That has worked well, but we feel that more developers could benefit from our software, so we decided to release a new advertising campaign. It’s important to…   Continue Reading

Quick Tip: Running NCover from Visual Studio

We recently added a video to the documentation section of the site that outlines how to run NCover and NUnit within Visual Studio by creating an entry on the Tools menu. Check it out, and let us know if you have techniques for working…   Continue Reading

NCover Basics: Are you Covered?

We recently published an article on the Code Project website that covers the basics of NCover and code coverage in general, so felt like it was a perfect fit for the NCover Basics series. Read “Are you Covered?”