Code coverage is most valuable as a feedback mechanism for test-driven or agile development methodologies. Both of these methods rely on a developmental feedback loop that promotes the addition of features while maintaining a predictable quality level.

Measuring Code Coverage Without Symbols or Source Code

Increasingly, customers are using NCover to gather code coverage in production scenarios (or mock production scenarios). In fact, many of the improvements we’ve made in NCover have been focused on gathering coverage with as little performance impact as possible and requiring little to no…   Continue Reading

NCover 4.1: It’s Bigger on the Inside

What’s that?  You hadn’t heard?  NCover is on a rapid release cycle, and v4.1 is hot out of the oven.  The team has been hard at work refining the product that has garnered so much praise this past summer.  NCover 4 was a revolutionary…   Continue Reading

Why NCover 4 Rocks…

Get ready!  There are some revolutionary changes just around the corner from your NCover  software team. NCover customers, early adopters, and long-time champions will attest that the imminent release of NCover 4 has been long awaited — it was worth the wait. The groundbreaking…   Continue Reading