Code Central

NCover Code Central seamlessly pulls together your coverage data from any of the NCover products used by your team. Managers are able to see project overviews at-a-glance, monitor team-wide trends, and drill down into the details when needed.

The NCover Coverage Summary Report

NCover 4 ushered in the live coverage query views and web interface for data analysis.  The full intent was to go paperless, as it were, in the electronic sense.  Not generating static files means that data doesn’t get stale and coverage reports don’t get…   Continue Reading

Code Central 4.1 – Upgrade

Code Central has been a huge help in distributing coverage numbers throughout the enterprise; a welcome change to shipping around xml data and reports for most customers.  The one issue that has hindered Code Central out of the box is the complication of requiring…   Continue Reading

Measuring Code Coverage Without Symbols or Source Code

Increasingly, customers are using NCover to gather code coverage in production scenarios (or mock production scenarios). In fact, many of the improvements we’ve made in NCover have been focused on gathering coverage with as little performance impact as possible and requiring little to no…   Continue Reading