Say Hello to These .NET Developers

We cannot say it enough. Our .NET family of developers is pretty awesome. We continually meet new people everyday that continue to impress and amaze us. Here are two members of the .NET developer and NCover community that we would like to introduce you to.

Paul Hacker

ncover_mvp_paul_hacker_twitterPaul Hacker has over 10 years of application architecture, design, development, and management expertise in Microsoft technologies. His strong technical aptitude, excellent communication skills, and dedicated work ethic have enabled him to drive and deliver successful projects and solutions to clients.

Paul has a depth of experience in ALM, Process Improvement, and Team Foundation Server. Having distinguished himself as a leader in the IT industry he has been awarded the distinction of Microsoft MVP in the ALM category every year since 2006.

Over the years Paul has proven his expertise in Application Lifecycle Management and has demonstrated his professionalism and commitment to the continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. Keep up with him on his blog or follow him on twitter @pjhacker

Shannon Deminick

ncover_mvp_shannon_deminick_twitterShannon has a passion for development, he does it for work and for fun. He started developing as a teenager when the interwebs were becoming cool (MIRC was the thing to do), and has been specializing in web development since he left college over a decade ago.

During the day, he is a full time developer for Umbraco, working on the core development team for about 5 years. For the 5 years previous to starting at Umbraco HQ, he worked as the Technical Director for TheFARM Digital in Sydney, Australia. Some other open source projects he’s started are: Articulate – blogging, Examine – search engine, ClientDependency – web resource management and uComponents – plugins for Umbraco. He is also a Microsoft MVP.

During his free time (besides doing more developing), he loves to surf, travel, relax and generally just like to hang out with good friends. Keep up with his adventures on his blog or on twitter @Shazwazza.


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