.NET In The Know

The more .NET developers we meet, the more we grow to appreciate what true craftsmen they are, whether behind the keyboard or behind the lens.  Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do for .NET.

Nikhilesh Singh

ncover_mvp_nikhilesh_singh_twitterNikhilesh Singh is a programmer by profession and photographer by hobby. He has been part of team building software solutions for more than 13  years and has loved learning, sharing, caring, mentoring and managing teams. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Professional Developer and has built both thick as well as thin client solutions. He is passionate about honing skills to be a better software craftsman, be it using awesome tools like NCover or reading and watching Uncle Bob’s articles and webcasts. He loves to learn about functional programming and has been pursuing it quite a lot lately. When not coding, you will find him with his tripod and camera photographing his beautiful surroundings or participating in webcasts. You can follow him on Twitter at @nikhilsingh.

Hector Romano

ncover_mvp_andrew_hector_romano_twitterHector Romano, based in beautiful Buenos Aires, is a developer who has a love for creativity and enjoys experimenting with various techniques and patterns such as MVC and MVVM in web fields, as well as using service-oriented architecture (SOA) and aspect oriented (AOP) programming architecture. He has various Microsoft certifications to his credit and also enjoys using Agile development methodologies like SCRUM. He has a particular spot in his heart for developing database software, creating interconnections for different platforms and working in languages ​​using web services. Learn more about him by following him on twitter @RomanoTulioHec.