.NET Developers Striking the Right Chord

From the windy city to a rockstar developer, we salute a couple fantastic .NET coders who know how to strike the right (or Wright) chord!  Great work John and Brian.

John Wright

ncover_mvp_john_wrightJohn Wright is a software engineer with experience developing for large, distributed networks using multiple platforms and technologies based in the greater Chicago area. He has a wide experience with software development and management across the entire development lifecycle, including requirements gathering and analysis from direct customer discussions, design, development, testing and release. Check out his blog (http://www.wrightfully.com/) as a way to keep note of interesting topics he comes across in his day-to-day work, at community meetings and events, or opinions on the technology industry and related topics. You can also catch his ramblings on twitter @Wright2Tweet

Brian Canzanella

ncover_mvp_brian_canzanellaBrian Canzanella is literally a rockstar web developer. Let us explain. He has studied and played guitar for 19+ years. 7 years ago, he decided to not just write beautiful music but to create beautiful code. He has worked on back-end (.NET/C#, Sql Server, Node, PHP), front-end (Backbone, LESS) and everything in between (ASP.NET WebForms & MVC, ServiceStack, WordPress, Drupal). Check out his personal site if you are in need of web or music help (http://www.briancanzanella.com/) If you are looking for .NET, Backbone/Javascript, Node, Sql Server, and MongoDB specific, he also blogs at http://www.csharptocsharp.com/. Or follow him on twitter (@bluevoodoo1)


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