.NET Developers Italian Connection

We can not say enough about the amazing people in our .NET community. Today we wanted to take a moment to give a special NCover MVP shout out to these two .NET developers based out of Italy.

Paolo Patierno

ncover_mvp_paolo_patierno Paolo Patierno is a software engineer who has been working on Microsoft technologies since 2006, including all the versions of the .NET Framework (Micro, Compact and Desktop). He has been developing on embedded and mobile systems (based on Windows CE, WindowsPhone / Android and other RTOS) since 2010, using different programming languages from C/C + + to C # through Java.

Paolo is a DotNetCampania community member, an Italian community dedicated to Microsoft technologies, and he organizes and take part in some events (as speaker). He is actively engaged in TinyCLR.it community, dedicated to the .NET Micro Framework, for which he has a great passion and he uses it for developing embedded systems (hobby or professional). In 2011, he began to deepen his knowledge on the devices interconnection to the Cloud in the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication.

Keep up on his activities through his blog or follow him on twitter.

Fabio Cozzolino

ncover_mvp_fabio_cozzolinoFabio Cozzolino is Chief Software Architect in CompuGroup Medical Italia with a special involvement on the development of e-health platforms and solutions. He frequently participates as speaker at events and user group meetings, typically focusing on topics like WCF and Windows Azure; he is also active in the community as the leader of “DotNetSide”, an Italian .NET User Group.

In 2004 Fabio achieved the MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) certification on .NET. Fabio currently writes numerous articles for the most popular Italian programming magazine and has published the Italian “Windows Communication Foundation” handbook, based on the first version of WCF. In the 2010 he published the book “Professional WCF 4: Windows Communication Foundation with .NET 4″ for Wrox. In March 2011 he published the book “Windows Azure: Programmare per il Cloud Computing.”

See what has been keeping him busy by following him on twitter at @fabiocozzolino or his blog.


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