Through the Lens of a .NET Developer

Our .NET community has an eclectic set of hobbies. We love learning what you do when you are not building quality code. We have featured mountain climbers, band members and now photography.

Scenic Landscape PhotographOne of our .NET community members, Kris Culin, just won a Blue Ribbon for a waterfall photo in the Water & Landscape category at the 2014 Terryville Lions Country Fair. His interest in photography was piqued about two years ago while taking in the natural beauty his home state of Montana has to offer.

Kris has been an active professional developer (initially with VB6) for 16 years. He started with VB.Net initially in 2000/2001 and then moved to C# in 2003/2004 and has been doing a 90/10 ratio of C# to VB.Net development ever since.  He was taught early in his career about unit testing and then discovered NCover and has been using it ever since to make sure his code is covered. He is primarily in charge of making sure no one on the team changes their Framework without appropriate review.  Kris is the “go to” guy on any question on the Framework (including those from the original architect).

Congratulations Kris! We look forward to what will continue to develop.

P.S. Yeah, we love a good pun 🙂


  1. Great photos, Kris!

    I’ve focused (no pun intended) on Big Sur, specifically Garrapata State Park, with my photography, which can be seen here:

  2. Congrats! The photo in this blog entry sure looks like the Red Rocks of Sedona. My backyard! 🙂


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