Developers Making the Most of Language

From all around the globe, we salute a couple fantastic .NET developers who know how to never stop learning – no matter what the language!  Great work Ayman and Daniel.

Ayman Farhat

ncover_mvp_ayman_farhat_twitterAyman Farhat, based in Lebanon, enjoys solving problems through building useful software. We love the focus on being useful, helpful and quality in any application out there!  Not one to sit around, he continues to learn and explore new ways to do just that. He doesn’t limit himself to a single platform or technology, rather he is always on the lookout for learning new concepts, tools and frameworks.

He is particularly interested in contributing to open source projects, and writing about interesting topics related to programming and software development. You can follow his blog, projects and github all from his personal website here or keep track of his thoughts on twitter @aymanfarhat.

Daniel Palme

ncover_mvp_daniel_palme_twitterLocated in Germany, Daniel Palme has been a consultant for the past decade guiding clients on Microsoft/.NET and web technologies,  along with software architecture and application development. He has a focus on these tools and technologies: ASP.NET (MVC), HTML5, WPF and WCF. However, he has worked in countless number of other languages and tools. He typically finds himself as a technology consultant for long-standing projects where he gets to round out his already impressive skillset.

He contributes to a variety of open source projects looking to build higher quality code. You can follow along with what is new in his world and what projects he is working on at his blog or by following him on twitter @danielpalme.


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