Developers Going Beyond .NET

.NET often times is the start to our interest in greater software and development challenges. These two .NET programmers showcase just how diverse that journey can be.

Mayur Tendulkar

ncover_mvp_mayur_tendulkarMayur Tendulkar works as a Developer Evangelist for Xamarin, spreading love for devices and mobility. Prior to this, he worked as Local Type Inference (for outsiders: Consultant) at Zevenseas, Pune (India). As a Local Type Inference, he has worked in various technologies like .NET, ASP.NET, Windows Mobile/Phone, SharePoint, HTML5, JQuery and currently Windows 8. He has been an active volunteer/member of Pune and Mumbai User Groups. He was a Microsoft Student Partner and Lead from 2008-2010. He has delivered numerous sessions at various colleges and corporate trainings at various organizations. He has been a speaker at Microsoft Community Days, TechDays, Virtual TechDays, DevCons, and many others. He loves listening to 80s/90s Angrezi and Bollywood songs. He always say that, “My first crush is .NET, first love is Windows Mobile. But I’m married to Windows Phone and having an affair with SharePoint.” Follow along with him on his blog or on twitter @mayur_tendulkar

Utkarsh Shigihalli

ncover_mvp_utkarsh_shigihalliUtkarsh is passionate developer who loves technology and is always keen on learning new things. He has written many Visual Studio extensions and addins for Visual Studio since 2003. He is currently working as Senior Developer and ALM expert in one of the leading energy company in United Kingdom. He has over 9 years of experience in Microsoft technologies mainly, WPF, WCF, MVVM, C#, ASP.NET and Visual Studio Extensibility. He has also worked in broad range of domains including Energy, Finance, Communications and Social Networking. He is also a Microsoft ALM Ranger and participates actively in different guidance projects. He has a deep knowledge in Visual Studio ALM, Visual Studio extensibility. Keep up with him on his blog or on twitter @onlyutkarsh.


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