.NET Mentors

We all, at some point in time, were brand new at something. Reminder the time you first stared at your blank terminal screen? As we explored and experimented more, we found ourselves asking more and more questions. What makes our community so great is that it is chock filled with .NET mentors who are more than happy to answer those questions. Here are a couple helping give back to the community that made them experts.

Sarah Dutkiewicz

ncover_mvp_sarah_dutkiewiczAlthough she’s primarily focused on training and mentoring .NET and Java apprentices at the Software Guild in Akron, OH, Sarah Dutkiewicz is known for troubleshooting problems in various Microsoft-based realms – including .NET applications, SQL Server configuration and administration, and general IT administration via PowerShell. From tech support to IT to software development, Sarah can apply her love for technology in a variety of arenas.

You can find Sarah primarily attending, speaking at, and organizing user groups and developer events throughout the Heartland (OH/MI/KY/TN) District. Sarah is the owner of Cleveland Tech Consulting, LLC.   Also a writer, Sara has coauthored “Automating Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0”, which was released May 2011. Check out her tech blog and follow her on Twitter @sadukie.

Alessandro del Sole

ncover_mvp_alessandro_del_soleVisual Basic MVP Alessandro del Sole first began participating in the Visual Basic Tips & Tricks community back in 2000 when he started writing code more frequently. Today, Alessandro serves as vice president of Visual Basic Tips & Tricks, the very community that helped him get off the ground.

Alessandro tried his hand at writing, and started his blog, providing content in both English and Italian. Currently, he is writing a new book about Windows Presentation Foundation. In addition to writing, he enjoys opportunities to collaborate internationally with other communities that share his interests. Alessandro works for the Italian Government building departmental applications for internal usage. Learn about his latest project on his blog or on Twitter @progalex.