.NET Inspiration

Part of what makes our .NET community so great is the diversity in it – from the people to the projects we are all working on. There is never a dull moment! We wanted to take a moment to highlight two MVPs and what they are working on. You may get inspired.

Tatsuya Ishikawa

ncover_mvp_tatsuya_ishikawaAfter being awarded his MVP in July 2014, Visual C# MVP Tatsuya Ishikawa set off on his tech journey with his invention of an innovative test automation library for Windows applications, Friendly. Now, as a new MVP, Tatsuya has accelerated working on community activities with the mission to share his software with the community and provide more efficient test automation technologies to the industry. When he introduced Friendly to the international community at the MVP Showcase in his first participation at an MVP Global Summit, Tatsuya was recognized as second most popular presenter.

In addition to programming for Windows applications, Tatsuya is also the CEO of Codeer Ltd, a software development company. Check out more of what he’s up to on his blog.

Fujio Kojima

ncover_mvp_fujio_kojimaBased in Fukui, Japan, Fujio Kojima is a software development instructor and 11-time MVP. His career began in 1997 with a private website where he delivered ideas about Window programming, hoping to boost the Japanese IT industry. Since then, he has been given opportunities to network and exchange ideas with other developers from all over the world, in particular through the MVP Global Summit.

He has been a big fan of C# and .NET since 2000 and enjoys conducting user meetings and study groups to mentor the next generation of programmers. Check out his latest tips on his blog or on Twitter @Fujiwo.