.NET Developers Making Waves

Remember how we used to have to watch TV from an antenna only? Now we have whole new ways to interact with this medium. From video games to watching videos, our .NET community has an amazing arsenal of creative and talented people bringing amazing new products to the world. Meet two .NET developers who are helping change the way we interact with computers.

Clemente Giorio

ncover_mvp_clemente_giorio_twitterClemente Giorio has spent his career freelancing in a number of different roles: administrator, private instructor, consultant, speaker, author, and developer. He cooperated with Microsoft SrL for the development of a prototype that uses the Kinect sensor. He is interested in Human-computer Interface (HCI) and multimodal interaction. In addition to his recognition in 2014 as a Kinect for Windows MVP, Clemente was granted publication in 2013 for an article discussing the inner workings of Kinect’s audio and visual tracking. Other published topics relate to the role cloud computing plays in the development of Sustainable Mobility.

Clemente is a formidable competitor, winning awards at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Campania Start Cup, and Premio Sele d’Oro. Follow Clemente on twitter @tinux80.

Teemu Tapanila

ncover_mvp_teemu_tapanila_twitterTeemu applies his passion and knowledge of cloud computing and mobile applications to his work as Windows Lead Developer for Magine TV, a cloud-based service for watching live and recorded TV. He has developed expertise in web, mobile, cloud, services, presenting and planning and has been recognized as a Microsoft Azure MVP, Azure Insider and Azure Advisor. Teemu was also chosen in 2013 as a Nokia Developer Champion.

Teemu gives back to the tech community by speaking in usergroup meetings, at conferences and events worldwide, and serving on boards and advisory councils. You can check him out on twitter @tapanilat and at his blog.