.NET Developers Keeping Covered

As a code coverage tool, we get to interact with some amazing people that share our common goal of building quality .NET applications for our customers. This unifying purpose for quality introduces us to some .NET developers we think you should get to know. Here are a couple to introduce yourself to.

Kristof Rennen

ncover_mvp_kristof_rennen_twittterKristof Rennen began his career as a software engineer, working primarily with Java and .NET based applications. Over the last 10 years, Kristof has architected solutions in a variety of settings, including a consulting stint with Capgemini.

Kristof is recognized as a Professional Scrum Master and Scrum Developer, a vTSP on Windows Azure, and a Microsoft MVP. In fact, he has recently joined the Microsoft team as a Cloud Solution Architect in Belgium. Keep up with Kristof on twitter @kirstofrennen.

Bruno Lopes

ncover_mvp_bruno_lopes_twitterWith over 8 years experience as a software developer, Bruno Lopes has made his mark on the next generation of developers by working as a TA at his alma mater, Instituto Superior T├ęcnico in Portugal. Nowaday he continues in that tradition by helping run NetPonto, the largest .net user group in Portugal. Bruno is the co-founder of weListen Business Solutions providing development, infrastructure and R&D services to his clients.

Bruno is a ASP.NET MVP since 2014 and also specializes in web development, .NET, and python. Connect with Bruno on twitter @brunomlopes or at his website.