.NET Developers Around The Globe

It’s always cool to discover the many walks of life .NET developers come from and the many threads (pun intended) that connect us.  As an active .NET development team ourselves, we appreciate the many contributions made by members of this great community!

Grant Palin

.NET Developers Grant PalinMeet Grant Palin, our renaissance man. His personal site grantpalin.com has the tagline “code, photos, books and anything else.” It is a great place to get inspired or learn about new tools from a diverse field. A native to Victoria, BC, Grant spent his early years reading anything he could get his hands on and that tendency continues today. He has taken on hobbies such as drawing, photography and writing. His true passion, however, is in information technology. As a big fan of continuous learning, Grant fundamentally believes in continuing to push his boundaries by consuming literature, practicing and experimenting, taking courses, discussing with others, and attending presentations and conferences. Make sure to check him out at grantpalin.com or follow him on twitter @grantpalin.

Simone Chiaretta

.NET Developers Simone ChiarettaSimone is a software developer & architect coding on the .NET platform, both for business and for fun, since 2001 back when .NET was still in Beta version. He has lived across the globe from Italy to New Zealand, climbing more than a couple mountains along the way. No matter where he goes, Simone remains an active member of his community in Italy. He talks at various user groups and writes technical articles both for online and print magazines. When he is not writing code, blog posts or taking part in the worldwide .NET community, you may find him on the shortest path up to a
mountain, which usually is a vertical one. Free-climbing, mountain climbing and ice climbing are just a few of the ways he makes sure he is moving up. Follow his .NET expertise and mountain views on his blog: http://codeclimber.net.nz or on twitter at @simonech.


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