.NET Community Leaders

Our community is filled with wonderful teachers that continue to enhance each .NET developer with their wisdom. Check out these two .NET community leaders helping shape the future of our community.

Christian Nagel

Christian NagelChristian is passionate about learning anything new, and loves to support others by sharing his knowledge.  Christian started as a technical reviewer for COM/ATL books and then began writing his own technical manuals in the early days of .NET. His first book published was Professional C#, the first edition available with Beta 2 of .NET 1.0.

He started the COM User Group Austria in Vienna in 1997, which later became .NET User Group Austria. Because of his immense experience, Christian was contacted to help start other user groups in Austria. Christian also founded INETA Europe (International .NET Association) a non-profit organization supporting Microsoft developer user groups. Christian runs his own company, CN Innovation. He offers training, coaching and consulting for software developers and architects with Microsoft technologies.

Follow his latest innovations on his blog or on Twitter @ChristianNagel.

Donma Hsu

ncover_mvp_donma_hsuAt the insistence of many senior experts, Donma Hsu actively started participating in technical community activities in 2010. At first, he focused on Silverlight as his expertise and now he puts more energy into C#. As a blogger and participant in Microsoft events, Donma reaches many people who share his technical interest, continuing to build and cultivate strong relationships. He was recognized as an MVP in 2011 because of his continuing efforts and selfless sharing.

Donma is a developer experience designer at Heeyuki Co, Ltd. specializing in Arduino human-machine interface. In addition, he utilizes rich experience in Web application development and enterprise system and platform architecture development. Donma has developed a Windows Phone app, inspired by a fun app in illustrated Chinese which provides suggestions for daily life decisions. He used this idea to develop a calendar for IT pros and developers to make their daily technical decisions. Check out his app, and follow his latest projects on his blog.