NCover Bolt – Visual Studio Code Coverage & Test Runner

NCover Bolt provides .NET developers with  an integrated multi-platform test runner that offers built-in, real-time code coverage. As a Visual Studio extension, Bolt allows developers to integrate coverage into existing Visual Studio workflows, providing the benefits of coverage metrics, source code highlighting and branch coverage visualization without spending more time on overhead activities.

NCover Bolt is included at no charge with every licensed copy of NCover Desktop.

Run & Debug Unit Tests With Coverage


Bolt is a multi-platform .NET test runner that offers built-in, real-time code coverage. Leverage all of your MSTest and NUnit tests with a single test runner that is fully integrated with Bolt. Bolt allows you to spend more time coding and less time on overhead activities, giving you the ability to take your code to new, and measurably better, levels.

Initial Support For MSTest and NUnit Tests


Bolt enables you to leverage your investment in your MSTest and NUnit tests as a multi-framework test runner. Tests can be prioritized, run across an entire project or run on a select basis depending upon your needs and your workflow. Easily analyze setup and tear down times so you spend more time coding and less time waiting. Both standard and advanced coverage metrics are collected for all tests, providing you meaningful insights directly within Visual Studio.

Integrates Into The Entire NCover Solution


Bolt is included with every licensed copy of Desktop. When used with Desktop, coverage history can be saved for projects and trend-analysis can be accessed from within the Desktop GUI. Integration with Desktop also provides the ability to capture coverage on every type of test run against the code, including manual tests. As part of Desktop, all coverage can also be sent to Code Central as part of a team based project and available for access from any web-browser.