NCover 5.2 Release

ncover_5_2The NCover development and support teams have been working hard gathering your feedback, listening to your input and making several important enhancements to NCover. We have a few more exciting things around the corner, but we did not want to wait on getting these improvements into your hands. A special thanks to everyone on the team who burned the midnight oil to get this release out!

We strongly encourage all NCover users to upgrade immediately to version 5.2 as this release touches our entire product line. Remember, if you have an active support agreement there is no charge for this upgrade. If your auto-update alert has not already notified you, simply check for a new update from within the NCover GUI and initiate the update process.

We have full release notes for version 5.2 but here are a few of the key highlights:

NCover Visual Studio Extension Improvements

We have made a variety of improvements to ensure that your collection and usage of code coverage metrics is more reliable and more responsive from within Visual Studio.  This includes improved handling of conditions, improvements to the responsiveness and interaction of the menu system, compatibility with 4.0 CLR and updated logic for project management.

NCover Improvements

Both Desktop and Code Central users will also benefit from version 5.2.  Several key improvements were made around Code Central and Collector synchronization, the Detailed Method report, the collection of static analysis, the collection and aggregation of code coverage data and the management of automatic merging.