Blowing Up Some Code

Any testing worth its asserts is going to do just that, blow up code when there’s a problem. Let’s face it testers are destructive by profession.  Embrace it!  It’s either that or pass broken software along to customers.  So in honor of all our friends who slave away all day and dream about testing all night, the NCover team has written a little ditty of a demo program in the form of a game we’ve dubbed “Code Blaster”.

Introducing:  Code Blaster

The overarching purpose of Code Blaster is to provide an entertaining example of how an application can be covered by NCover 4 during live testing.  Each time CodeBlaster.exe starts it recompiles local source for the Algorithms.dll provided in the zip file.  The Algorithms.dll will have a different binary hash for each run of the game.  This simulates the changing of code between build runs.  This too allows you to drill all the way into the source code for the Algoritms.dll just like you would for your own code.

Get started:
1. Download CodeBlaster from here.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder.
3. Run CodeBlaster.exe and start blowing up some code.

We are going to pull together an instructional video for collecting coverage on Code Blaster as a demo.  Look for that next week or give it a try on your own….or not, just download the game and start enjoying your weekend.

BTW, there are some hidden game features… kill all and machine gun mode are my personal favs.

DISCLAIMER:  While we’re not under any delusions that you may want to give up your Cheerful Chickens games for Code Blaster, you may still find it oddly addicting. Enjoy….