The Power of the Team

power_of_the_teamThey say no man is an island. We are not meant to be alone. While sometimes we may wish the opposite, as part of a programming team, we do rely on each other to build and deploy quality applications. And as we know, quality code truly is a team effort.

So how do we know that our code is good? How can we know with any certainty that we have squashed any bugs before deploy?

We know well written code and well tested code is the result of well managed code. Code coverage helps unite all those efforts. It is an essential tool for identifying where you can improve your tests, and your code, as early in the development cycle as possible. Effective tests are critical for delivering high quality code, reducing risks and maintenance costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.

For example, code coverage provides your team with both the big picture and the small details. Managers are able to see project overviews at-a-glance, see team wide trends and can drill down into the details when needed. Developers and QA members can log-in to see the results of their individual efforts as well as their team’s overall efforts are trending. This serves as the hub for the team’s code coverage, aggregating coverage across projects, teams and, if desired, an entire organization.

Adding in a layer of transparency and accountability that all members of the team can see will help improve the quality of code. Need to see it to believe it? Request an online overview from us and we can walk you through the benefits.